Facebook Live Split Screen – Here is how you do it right

Have you heard of facebook live split screen? Just recently, Facebook has provided us with one of the most outstanding, new features when going live – split screen on facebook. Gone are the days where you only have to be the only one on your stream, because today, you can invite someone right away. And if you think this feature will be beneficial for you or your business, here is how you do it:

facebook live split screen

How to Join a Facebook Live Split Screen ?

Before jumping in right away, you should know the requirements to do it. Since having another person with you on your live stream is relatively new, it’s only available to those who are using an iPhone. Yes, let me be clear, an iPhone only. Other iOS devices at the moment do not work, nor do Android devices – but I’m pretty sure they’ll update it soon enough.

Another requirement is that the participant must be watching your stream. You can’t just add someone right away. To invite, they must be watching your stream. So, in a nutshell, if they’re using an iPhone, watching your stream, you can successfully add them. According to Facebook’s help center, here’s how:

During your live stream:

  1. Swipe left until you see Live Viewers
  2. Select the viewer you want to go live with and tap their icon
  3. Tap Invite to Go Live

Once someone joins your broadcast, they’ll show up in the upper right of your screen. To remove someone from your broadcast:

  1. Tap the window with your guest
  2. Tap x

Last Say

In my opinion, not only is it an exceptionally creative and fun way to connect with your audience, it’s also a goldmine in driving engagement. Why? Every time that you invite someone in your stream, their circle of friends and followers will be notified that he/she is currently going live with you. It simply means that whoever is interested with the person you just invited, will potentially be interested in you. It’s a slick and entertaining way to build your followers.Furthermore you can do a facebook live split screen from a private profile and also a facebook group.  If you’re not convinced yet, see my first try with more than 4,000 viewers and prepare yourself to be amazed:


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