Top 10 Ways To Save Time On Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has never been a boring thing to do. Why? The answer is simple; you can earn a lot of money from doing it. And, since we’re talking about business, time speeds up tremendously – too fast that we all need to take action to slow it down. All savvy social media marketers know … Read more

How Facebook Interest Targeting Works

Facebook Interest Targeting is an advertising feature from Facebook. It allows your ads to be seen only by individuals with the interests you’ve chosen. This has been used by both big and small companies and has seen some promising results – you will too when you fully understand how it works. How Profiles Are Targeted One … Read more

3 Actions to Increase the Performance of Your Facebook Posts

No one can deny the advertising and promotional powers of Facebook. It is the only social media channel with over 1.6 billion active monthly users. With that number, it is funny how some brands only get a few likes for their posts; some can’t even garner at least 10 likes, and even fewer shares. Why … Read more

Facebook VS Twitter Ads – Let the fight begin…

We all know there are two major giants in the world of social media – Facebook and Twitter. For business, opting for the best platform might be overwhelming, as these two are very competitive, especially regarding advertising. Choosing the right one is crucial to your business’ success and improvement. So, which is the right one? … Read more