Facebook Goes Dating & Instagram Video Call – Here Is All You Need to Know

Just this April, Facebook, together with Instagram, announced one of the biggest news ever – a dating and video call feature. If you haven’t heard about the Facebook and Instagram update, and you are excited to know everything about it, you should give this article a thorough read. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Facebook and Instagram have some very … Read more

Facebook Will Soon Undergo Some Serious Changes – What to Expect

If you’re updated with technology and social media, you should be well aware of what Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, just announced. If not, to sum it up, he said he’s going to do a significant change on the platform – which is good news for everyday users but bad for those who’re into business. Technically, … Read more

Begging for Engagement on Facebook Will Do More Harm in the Future

Most users on social media are desperate to gain likes and shares. And this is even truer when it comes to business accounts trying to expand their reach. Although it is advantageous to ask people to like or share your content – it is a call to action after all – begging for it or … Read more

Facebook Messenger Kids – What Is There to Know

A large percentage of Facebook accounts are owned by kids who haven’t reached the age requirement for this social network. Most of the time, they use the site without parental consent and supervision. This event has resulted in 12-year-old kids being taken advantage of by identity thieves and other social media crooks. It has also … Read more

Facebook Bot – Its Big Trend and Benefits

Many entrepreneurs use social media as a primary means to expand their businesses. But here’s the thing, the internet is overwhelmed with users. This sheer population hinders a lot of brands to communicate with their customers properly without affecting others. To help you understand what I mean, businesses online receive a lot of messages; some … Read more

New Facebook Tools You Should Know

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and it lives up its title with its consistent improvements. Facebook introduces new features every year, which are beneficial to everyone. They make your social media journey easier and help improve your social media game. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]New and updated tools on the biggest social media platform. Read … Read more

Workplace Chat – Is It Going to Replace Slack Soon?

Slack was launched with the main purpose of making the tasks of professional organizations easier. The app is simple and fast which makes it convenient for managers. This app has helped millions of companies facilitate teamwork among the employees. But no matter how helpful it is, competition always enters. Facebook introduced the Workplace Chat and … Read more

Animated Profile Pictures on Facebook Will Soon Become a Reality

Facebook has a lot of changes these past months. Some of them are new reactions, live video streaming, and profile picture frames. This time, the research department conducted another study on animating static images. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Animated profile pictures may be one of the best things in 2018. Read here:[/tweetthis] What do we mean by animated … Read more

How Facebook Can Boost Your Christmas Sales 2017

There’s no denying that one of the busiest times each year is Christmas. People are always on the go, spending time with family and friends, and purchasing gifts for their loved ones. And for businesses, it’s double time, too, as sales are obviously skyrocketing. However, not every commercial enterprise may experience that due to inadequate … Read more