Periscope Super Hearts – Get Paid By Periscope

Today, Periscope just provided us with a new innovative feature – Super Hearts. To explain what it is in the simplest manner possible, it’s like a regular heart, but it has a real cash-convertible value. It’s similar to in-game goods/money used in virtual games, which you can purchase it using real money. However, instead of … Read more

Simple yet Powerful Tips to Improve Your Overall Performance on Periscope

Live streaming is now bigger than ever – especially when it’s a feature made available to almost every social media platform. But let’s face it. Periscope still has the most active users when it comes to live-streaming. Though Facebook Live shows a huge number of viewers from streams, it’s not really the main strength and … Read more

3 Reasons Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Periscope

For the biggest name in live video streaming, nothing compares to Periscope. However, although over 380 years’ worth of video has been watched on this platform since its launch, businesses are still turning a blind eye. Do you even know that 10 years’ worth of video is being uploaded every day on Periscope? This is … Read more

All You Need To Know About Periscope Producer

It’s obvious that live streaming is now the internet’s biggest trend. This is why almost all social media platforms have their own version of it. And, it is no longer a surprise why now and then, huge updates make live video sharing more enjoyable. However, the biggest ever yet comes from Periscope’s latest feature – … Read more

How To Increase The Chance to Get Featured on Periscope

As you might have realized getting featured on Periscope is one great way to get seen by a huge audience and gain massive followers.  There are two different feature possibilities. Either way, your broadcast or your profile can get featured. The only problem is that it´s not so easy to get featured as this is a … Read more

Introducing Replay Highlights, Periscope Tweet Embeds and Live Autoplay

Tweet Embeds, Replay Highlights, and Live Autoplay are three new features on Periscope that makes this platform more enjoyable than it already is. As you may all know there are more than a hundred million live and replay broadcasts on Periscope; a humongous amount of videos that’s being shared each day by unique individuals. The … Read more

Periscope’s New Comment Moderation Feature

As one of the leading live video streaming applications, both broadcasters and viewers can observe and testify there are still hundreds of viewers trolling around and spamming irrelevant comments – even worse, unreasonably insulting the broadcaster. This is one nuisance for which the community is asking for a solution. And, thankfully, Periscope has introduced their … Read more