New Instagram Live Features: Questions & Picture in Picture

This year, 2018, is full of updates and surprises from the biggest photo-sharing app. From the “You’ve Caught Up” feature that helps you control your time spent on social media to “IGTV!” But just before the year ends, they’ve pop out something even bigger, “Questions & Picture in Picture.”

New Instagram Live Features Questions Picture in Picture New Instagram Live Features: Questions & Picture in Picture

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What are the new Instagram Live features?


This new feature seems like a typical Instagram sticker, but what makes it special is you can use this sticker to show up on your live video in real time. It works by asking a question in your Instagram Stories prior to going live. After that, the app will then create stickers with the answers you get from your audience who participated or answered your question.

It’s an incredible feature that will improve your live streaming game as you are able to highlight answers from your audience. It doesn’t only have to be answers to your questions, you can even ask them to ask you questions, too, and explain your answers during your live video. Furthermore, you can put that sticker on your screen as you’re answering it, so anyone who watches late can get the context faster than having to start over again with the topic.

Here’s a quote from Instagram to give you a gist of how they explain it:

“You can also use the question sticker in Live, which makes asking questions to people you admire more exciting and interactive. Ask your favorite beauty blogger how to do their holiday makeup look and they can give you a how-to in the moment, or your favorite basketball player how to get that perfect shot and they can show you in real time.”

Picture in Picture:

Aside from being able to share and highlight those questions you received, you’re also able to share photos and videos in a simple and straightforward manner. What I meant about that is you can display any image you have on your phone or video during live streaming. The app allows you to replace your current video, which is what your camera sees at the moment, to any image you want. You can choose between a big or small screen, too (watch the video below to get what I mean).

It’s ideal when you want to showcase a particular clip with regards to any topic or, perhaps, recall a previous live stream that you want to review to your viewers and clarify something. So instead of asking your viewers to visit a web page or particular link, you can just show it to them directly while streaming!

It’s a total videoception, and it’s a very innovative update that’s only available on this platform. So whenever you want to review another video or display a photo you like while you’re live streaming, it’s now possible by just using a mobile device through Instagram’s Picture in Picture.

Is It Available to Everyone?

With confidence, Yes! It’s very likely that it’s completely launched and made available for everyone. If you haven’t seen the feature on your end yet, just close the app and give it a quick update. It’s a must for everyone to try as it brings in more interactions than ever before.

Here’s a video on how the whole thing works:

Step 1:  I ask people to ask me a question on Stories


Step 2: I can use their questions on Instagram Live:


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