What Location-based Snaps Can Now Do for You — Context Cards

Snapchat presented its new feature, which is the Context Cards. Context Cards allows you to explore publicly shared stories. So basically, it is designed for users to learn more about a Snap. But what’s so great about having more information on a Snap? Will it save you from inconvenience? [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]There’s something new on Snapchat … Read more

Three Fundamental Snapchat Practices for Your Business

Most new entrepreneurs would often ask the question, “why Snapchat?” It’s a platform that doesn’t store your content. Basically, snaps would just last about a few seconds to a minute and then disappear after 24 hours. Well, that’s the beauty of it. Since your content is perishable, its value will significantly increase. More people would … Read more

The Yays and Nays of Snapchat for Businesses

I’m quite confident that most of you are very familiar with this app, Snapchat. But for the sake of the few who don’t, it’s just like any other social media network with the exception of having your content (snaps) expire. So, in a nutshell, everything you share online using this platform disappears, including directly sent … Read more

5 Ways to Gain More Followers on Snapchat

When talking about the most original social media app, I really believe that’s Snapchat. Its unique expiration feature, fun and interactive Snap exchange, and creatively powerful photo/video editing tool allow it to be a favorite among the majority. This is why a lot of businesses are trying to get their accounts popular. However, this app has … Read more

3 Things You Are Not Supposed to Do on Snapchat

We all know this app, which is famous for providing a new twist in photo sharing, Snapchat. Remember the rule; you can send anything, and if they don’t focus, they won’t be seeing it again. This is one aspect that really made the app so popular! Everyone needs to put their attention on the snaps … Read more

5 Unorthodox Ways to Grow Your Followers on Snapchat

If you think you’ve tried everything just to get more followers on Snapchat, I’m sure by “everything,” you mean every way possible on the internet alone. Have you ever tried doing it away from the internet? The thing with social media and everything else on the web is that we box and limit ourselves within the internet’s … Read more

10 Things That Are Actually Possible On Snapchat

Most of you Snapchatters are going to be more active this coming summer – or on days you’re having a vacation. To make the most out of hit, I’ll provide you some pretty easy tips and tricks for you. Most of these are actually very basic but some are still unaware of it. So, without … Read more

6 Great Ways to Advertise on Snapchat as a Business

There’s been talk about one of today’s most trending and widely used app in the world, Snapchat. To simply skip to how huge this app is today, it generates about 10 billion daily videos views – Facebook “only” generates 8 billion videos a day. Relatively, it is a huge number in ratio to its active … Read more

5 Lovable Snapchat Content Ideas

Are you having problems with what kind of Snapchat content ideas you should work on? Well, it is hard sometimes…especially when you’ve tried so much already.However, there are always a few new things to try or repeat if you’ve ever done it already – that are lovable. Here are 5 Snapchat content ideas that your … Read more

Five Tips to Easily Get 1000 Snapchat Followers

Just about five years ago, who would have thought that Snapchat, a once small photo exchange social media platform, is now one of the must-haves of 2016 to attain success in any business venture… Today, it has a whopping 150 million daily active users. And, 65% of them share their stories consistently – now that’s … Read more