Instagram Purge News – Losing Followers Overnight: Glitch 2019?

The Instagram purge is real! It’s been a long time since Instagram checked their userbase and cleaned up the garbage (fake accounts and bots). Perhaps, however, they took it too rashly.

At the moment, there have been numerous reports of accounts from influencers and giant brands to celebrities and regular individuals losing hundreds, thousands, and some even millions of followers in just one night.

Account purging has been a common practice for almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. But it does not happen in a day. Platform cleanups usually take about a few weeks to a couple of months before removing chunks of users to make sure no authentic accounts are harmed in the process.

The most recent giant purges were from Facebook and Twitter during last year’s election. Although there were still a few people who reacted to it, it wasn’t as bad as what’s happening now on Instagram.

The Instagram Purge Issue

It’s not a surprise for Instagram to purge useless accounts that contribute nothing but spam. To be honest, it’s a good thing and should be done regularly.

However, the impact it provided this time seems a bit too much as almost every user in the platform experienced an incredible drop not just in terms of followers but also in engagement as well. And that translates to some of the accounts are probably authentic ones as they did participate in commenting and liking photos, and that’s why people like to find out about their instagram and the people that follow them and like them, using an instagram activity tracker which is really useful for these purposes.

It could also possibly be just a glitch as some users did mention they have different numbers on the app and on the browser. But still, it’s a problem Instagram must resolve.

Here are a few examples that will make you want to take this issue seriously:

It’s not just in the US, it’s worldwide:

And it’s not just the big stars, too:

And the big brands are no exception:

Instagram Response

That’s what we’ve been waiting for at the moment. There’s no official reply or reaction from Facebook or Instagram with regards to the massive purge. But no worries because when they do give the info, I’ll let you know ASAP.

Update according to Instagram has confirmed that there’s an ‘issue’ causing the changes, and that it is working quickly to fix this.

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