15 Twitter Tips and Tricks You Should Practice in 2018

Regardless of what year it is, Twitter will still always be a goldmine when it comes to reaching people who mean business. And if you’re into that, by all means, you should be making the most out of Twitter. Here are 15 tips and tricks that worked last year with new ones that are essential … Read more

Five Ways to Use Twitter for a Better Customer Service

Twitter makes customer connection easier due to quick engagement. With its increasing number of successful client connectivity, it is considered as a great customer service tool by many companies. But this social media platform isn’t optimized for business purposes. To help you maximize Twitter’s benefits to improve customer service, here are five tips for you. … Read more

Twitter’s Upcoming Feature, Tweetstorm – Know All About It

On September this year, the Tweetstorm feature was discovered in Twitter app’s code. Although its release was initially discarded, Android Police spotted a new version of the tool. Twitter has confirmed its existence, and it is currently being tested. Since the tool is still in its trial phase, it is only available to the users … Read more

Twitter Verified Status – Take Care of It or You’ll Lose It

Having that verified button beside your username is one of the amazing things about being a Twitter user. Aside from being trusted by your followers, you are validated by the platform’s system. But many users have been taking this status for granted and most often abuse it. Embracing stricter verification policies is Twitter’s solution. [tweetthis … Read more

Three Things That Possibly Make Twitter as Your Main Marketing Platform

According to Business Insider, Twitter is a part of the top 11 most popular social media platforms in 2017. There are currently 328 million users that have registered this year, and the number is still growing. And more than half of these users usually tweet about the things they do every day. But Twitter isn’t … Read more

Twitter’s Video Website Card – What Is It and How It Helps?

Twitter has undergone many changes this year. There’s the in-app live video streaming, a new layout, the mute option, and the explore tab. For this month of October, they launched the Video Website Card. With this new feature, you can now incorporate a different content in promoting your brand. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Something is quite new on … Read more

Twitter Is Testing the new Tweet – 280 Characters

Do you know what made Twitter, “Twitter”? It was, in my opinion, its unique posting feature that’s popularly known as tweets. It’s short, crisp, and sweet. That’s because of its 140-character limit. This limit was just the perfect length to express one-liners that delivers a huge impact. I mean, users and brands will always do … Read more

3 Proven Powerful Twitter Tactics to Get More Website Traffic

Are you experiencing a drought on your website? Does it seem like a lonely place with only a few visitors a day just to take a short peek? Fret not as there’s always be a solution. Now, I will show you three powerful tricks you can do on Twitter to get more people checking out … Read more

Ten Actions on Twitter That Will Make Your Account Grow Faster

Twitter is one of those social media platforms that can really help your business grow. It is a tool that makes customer connection possible. Furthermore, it can strengthen your branding and create leads for more sales. However, those advantages won’t happen instantly just because you have an account on Twitter. You need to have followers, … Read more

How to Effectively Save More Time on Twitter – Basics

In my many years of experience orchestrating social media strategies, I have to say Twitter is one of the most exciting and speedy platforms. I mean, everything happens so fast. That’s because you won’t be seeing long posts, but briefer yet concrete, messages and links. And since it’s a very busy platform, being slow is almost … Read more