How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Profile

How familiar are you with Instagram? Do you have a business/brand you want to improve and promote? Well, if that’s the case… Instagram is one of the best platforms for you to invest! Now, it gets even better as you are able to set up an Instagram business profile. If you already have an account, … Read more

Engagement on Instagram Is Down by 33% – Here are 3 ways to help you out!

If you think all your post and efforts on Instagram are seemingly not working, you’re not alone with this misfortune. A recent study conducted by Quintly has shown a huge decrease on Instagram’s post interactions. It shows the number of likes and comments on photos down by 27% of its usual activity – videos are at around … Read more

Basic Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

This article is solely intended for those who’re new on Instagram. A lot of you might be at the stage where you’re stuck wondering what to post. It keeps us frozen for quite some time. One of the biggest reasons we’re having difficulties on what to post is because we’re afraid it might go wrong … Read more

DON´T Do THIS on Instagram

One of the best things about social media, specifically Instagram, is you are free to do almost anything; you can post just about anything in your life, you can post what you want or have, and you can post even thing inappropriate. However, there will always be consequences – some are positive, and some are … Read more

Writing Instagram Captions Like a Pro

Instagram captions are like a kite’s tail. It shows little relevance, but it keeps the kite flying. And, it is a must – same as the captions on Instagram. We all stumble upon this confusing moment after easily posting an excellent picture on Instagram, the part where we write captions. It’s easy to think about … Read more

Five Basic Instagram Advertising Tips

Instagram, going back six years ago, was just a plain mobile app where users posted pictures of cute animals. Today, with over 400 million active users uploading pictures of all sorts and commenting on the most recent fuzz, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for business. This social media platform is presumed … Read more

Snapchat VS Instagram – Which to Pick?

Snapchat and Instagram can be a great fit in any marketing strategy for small to medium-sized businesses. However, which one does better is a difficult question. Why? Because they are evenly matched against each other, giving marketers a hard time choosing one for their brand, unless they’d choose both. But, what if you can only … Read more

Tips to See Better Engagement on Instagram

Engagement on Instagram isn’t as easy as it looks. Most brands/companies are struggling to make sure their audience is participating and getting amused often. Because people seeing your posts isn’t enough, they have to be engaged, liking, commenting, using your signature hashtags, and sharing anything they can from your profile. When your followers are always … Read more

Brand Profiles Will Be Available on Instagram Soon

Based on the latest Instagram statistics, 400 million users were enjoying the unique photo sharing platform as of September 22, 2015. That’s one huge goldmine for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. However, they lack the aspect of making brand profiles stand out and state the obvious, since they don’t have one (at the moment). … Read more