Five Basic Instagram Advertising Tips

Instagram, going back six years ago, was just a plain mobile app where users posted pictures of cute animals. Today, with over 400 million active users uploading pictures of all sorts and commenting on the most recent fuzz, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for business.

This social media platform is presumed to make around 2.5 billion dollars by 2017 – all from Instagram advertising services and is about 10% of Facebook’s revenue. This simply means that a lot of brands and businesses see the promising potential of this platform. So, if you’re also planning to join the opportunistic ride, whether your company is big or small, here are five important basic tips to achieve success.

Blog post Five Basic Instagram Advertising Tips1 Five Basic Instagram Advertising Tips

Five Tips to Achieve Success

Remember, when talking about success on Instagram, there is no grand shortcut or a one-way ticket. However, these tips make the road to success easier.

Use the Best Image on Every Post

When we say the best, we mean to use the best – on every post. Instagram is, of course, a photo sharing platform. Using extraordinary photos that you’ve got will provide you amazing results. People here are searching for images that can catch their attention and make them pause for awhile.

The only photos that work are those top-quality images. No matter what the content maybe, as long as it shows no pixelation, you are one step ahead. The next step is to use those images that can draw attention; the better you have, the more engagement and followers you’ll gain.

Go for photos that are positive, vibrant, nice effects, and shareable – these are the only images that can make someone pause and focus on when they’re scrolling down hastily. Also, make sure they relate to your niche. No one will like a photo that’s blurry and dull – or even notice it – so always post nothing but the best.

Fewer Words As Much As Possible

Once again, Instagram is mainly for sharing images, and perhaps that’s just it – most of the time. Try blending in as much as possible; do not over do your captions. So, just lessen the word count and make the image talk for itself.

Remember the 80:20 rule, where you express more rather than talk more. This is the perfect fit for Instagram. If you’ve checked a few celebrity profiles on this platform, you will be surprised that they just do a few hellos rather than give an entire monologue, and it gets more attention.

Add a Simple Call to Action

Unlike most platforms where you can provide multiple clickable links, Instagram only allows one – in your bio. So most of the time, the only post message you’ve got to provide them back to your site is by making them check your profile. So, keep things simple and sweet.

Try using these short call to actions like, learn more, contact us, shop now, download, to learn more…, and others. You can blend them till you get the perfect taste, but make sure you’re polite yet authoritative.

Only Use Relevant Hashtags

Perhaps one of the most popular features that Instagram has is its vigorous use of hashtags. This is the only present link that can be clicked on each post and sending them to a particular category – and, it also works in reverse. Youcan search for a specific hashtag and see posts using those tags.

So, make sure you utilize these hashtags in the most effective way possible. Use hashtags that are trending, related to your industry, and related to the picture – or wherever it fits. Also, makea signature hashtag to provide familiarity – think of something catchy, like #WeKhan for example.

Send Them to Great Landing Pages

True, Instagram advertising may just be focused on how your post can catch users’ attention. However, it makes little sense if you just send them to disappointing and unresponsive landing pages. This will even give you a bad reputation. So, make sure that not only the image is amazing but also where they’re going to next.

This is the last process whether you’re going to make a sale or not. This is why you must make sure that your landing pages are in good shape, user-friendly, and fully-functional. You will be impressed how not only will you gain sales, but you will also gain trust and loyalty.

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