Improve Your Social Media Posts with the Help of Psychology

If you’re posting on social media all day long with so little results, you might be doing something completely wrong or doing something right – but just too much, which makes it just as bad. Know these simple psychology tips that can turn things better in terms of social media engagement. Pretty sure you’ll learn a thing or two, so dig in!

1280x720 blogpost psychology Improve Your Social Media Posts with the Help of Psychology

Images Shout Louder than Words

On whatever type of social media platform, images will be the first caller of attention – because they are so loud that you just can’t ignore them. Loud, meaning that they occupy a lot of space in any platform, making them hard to miss.
This is very much advantageous rather than posting in plain texts. Better use imagery on all your posts, no matter how trivial it may be. You just have to make sure you use images that are fairly easy to interpret – and should be understood the way you want them to be understood.
Also, make sure the images related to your niche and your target audience. You have to plan carefully and accordingly. Make sure your images are on point! Remember, images are loud and can catch attention without difficulty, but the effects – positive or negative – solely depend on each image’s content.

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Never Disregard Color

Every successful brand has their unique color – and it is one key to their success. Color has a huge impact in gaining engagement. Take, for example, the giants, Facebook and PayPal – the color they have in use is blue! Blue in psychology represents trust; this is a big deal for both Facebook and PayPal as they deal with your money and tons of valuable information.

Study the psychology of colors and what they represent, then try to associate it with your brand. Choose a color and stick to it – as it will also retain in your audience’s and consumers’ memory. The more they can easily recall your brand, the more it will be easy for them to patronize and recommend it. So, whenever you post something on social media, make use of your chosen color at all times, the engagement rate will surely rise.

Spark the Engagement with Words

Once you get them with the right imagery and color, you then finish it with words. Words can produce more than engagement but also actions. You can make do your audience anything as long as you hit them with the right set of words.

Take advantage of emotional post – in a sense where you can trigger feelings, empathy is one key. Deliver them educational and informational content that’s worth their time – including questions that can spark everyone to speak their mind. The more people answering, the more likes and shares are going to pour in.

Just remember, positive words will give you positive results. So, keep it on the positive side and be careful what you say.