3 Things You Are Not Supposed to Do on Snapchat

We all know this app, which is famous for providing a new twist in photo sharing, Snapchat. Remember the rule; you can send anything, and if they don’t focus, they won’t be seeing it again. This is one aspect that really made the app so popular! Everyone needs to put their attention on the snaps they receive since they only have one chance. However, because of that rule, people also do a lot of nasty and stupid things. If you use Snapchat daily, make sure you avoid these things.

3-things-youre-not-supposed-to-do-on snapchat

Do Not Post Nude Images and Videos

Whether you post a snap story (the post where everyone can see it) or you send a snap, never send nude photos or videos. First, this is not an adult site. And second, don’t be too deceived about the expiration feature. Some people are capable of actually hacking, making it possible to save your content. So if you ever send something too personal to someone, think again.

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Snapchat Content Redundancy

I get it, some of you might be just too eager to share what you’ve got. However, it doesn’t mean you just have to post it as a snap story and send the same content to your friends. What’s the point in letting them see the same thing repeatedly? Whenever you post a snap story, don’t use that content and send it to friends and then ask them to check your story. You only have to choose one, and that should be enough; many people find this annoying – so just better not.

Snap Stories That Are Too Long

Okay, let’s face it. Snapchat was designed to keep things short. That is why the default setting of any snap is just 10 seconds long. Let’s keep it that way so people don’t get bored easily. Some people actually post about 300-second videos, which are pretty boring to watch. Your business must keep your audience entertained and not drowsy. This is why it isn’t a nice idea to post videos that exceed a minute. Keep it two minutes max, so you will have no negative feedback.

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