3 Ways to Standout Against 500,000 Advertisers on Instagram

Instagram is now home to about half a million advertisers. This makes it another social media platform bred for competition. If you plan to advertise on Instagram, it might be in your best interest to prep as much as you can as you are about to face thousands of big-time companies with great ads. There is always a way to make you stand out against them.

Instagram tips and tricks to standout against other advertisers

Imagery and Its Standards

The thing with ads inside social media is there is an organic-like feel in their newsfeed. There seems to be a natural order on how people edit their photos, how they place their captions, and how they use hashtags properly – simply how they do things. You need to figure this one out as much as possible – every niche has a unique kind of style.

Instagram is all about photo sharing – that is the core idea of it all – people here are looking for the best images they can find. If it looks too out-of-place, substandard, and blunt overly creative, it won’t work. In the past, this platform may have been about sharing in-the-moment images, but things have definitely changed, and people are looking for more class. Today, it’s all about the best picture with the best message that blends in naturally – go with that idea and surely you’ll have better chances at getting engagements from your ad.

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Make It Irresistible

To make it irresistible, make sure you know your audience well enough. Know what they want, what they need, and what they don’t like. Use an image that fits that – while still following the first tip.  Remember, you also need to know when they are most active, which keeps your budget well spent rather than showing your ads at the wrong time.

Also, take note that your ads will only show two lines of your copy; make the best of it as much as possible. So, take advantage and entice them with just two lines. A great way is to solve their problems or make them feel that what you offer is a necessity.

Know and Understand Your Instagram Ad’s Context

All forms of ads have different effects throughout the day. There will be times it won’t effective, no matter how perfect it already is, simply because you did it on a wrong day at the wrong time. Just imagine promoting a liquor store on a typical Monday morning, no matter how hard and enticing it is, people have work, and no one will visit the store no matter how much they’d love to – probably they’d just forget since they’re too busy and you posted it early. Now, change that to a Friday night and things will run more naturally and the results will definitely pour in.

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