5 Mistakes Your Business Should Never Do on Social Media

With the advancement of technology, social media is a must for running a business – big or small. It’s just too good to ignore it. However, the more entrepreneurs do social media marketing, the more they commit mistakes that are actually harmful to their business. This is because they think that having their brand online is enough. Here are five mistakes your business should never make on social media.

Social Media mistakes you should never do to keep your business afloat

You’re Disorganized

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is getting engaged with all the social media channels they know. This keeps them out of shape; making accounts active and others not is a bad thing. People must be able to reach you fast and easily, not become confused about which account replies.

The fact is,you can’t answer all five simultaneous messages from different platforms – unless you have a dedicated team to do so. It is best just to pick the platforms you can handle without losing your balance. It is better to be active on only one social media platform rather than be present but inactive everywhere.

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You Ignore a Call-to-Action (CTA)

No matter how many followers you gain from social media, it still won’t be enough to increase traffic, leads, and sales unless you have a call-to-action. There are many businesses that only have social media profiles just for the sake of it.

They post irrelevant stuff and simply wish to get more followers as much as possible. However, the major purpose of a business is to generate money, and simply enjoying social media won’t cut it – social media is an investment, if you don’t provide CTAs,you better just quit.

You can always provide links or posts from your website to gain traffic. Alternatively, post infographics to your audience be aware of your latest updates, trends, and promos which can bring in some revenue.

You Just Promote

Promoting a product here and there is, of course, natural for any business to grow and earn money. However, doing just that will cause your followers to think you are just there for the money.

Overdoing ads is a bad thing and will cause a spammy environment for your audience. It may lead to hiding your post, or worse, to un-follow your profile permanently. You need to keep things in balance and take some rest and doing pushy sales too often.

You Ignore Your Social Media Followers

Regarding the previous tip, if you are just trying to sell them something, it is definitely not enough and is hurting your business. Social media is not only for your brand to have a huge online presence but also for your customers to contact you whenever they have concerns.

This is also a platform where they can comment both positively and negatively about your company. If you just ignore all of them, there is almost no point of you having a social media profile.

Take care of them; you can do that by simply sharing quotes, funny pictures, or saying thank you. They just need to feel you care and you want to be connected with them. This is why promoting alone will not work. Be there for them, not be there to make sales all the time.

You Don’t Have a Goal

Last but not least is about not having a goal. Yes, a goal is an ultimate thing you should have, and most entrepreneurs don’t have this. It need not be a prerequisite to building a profile as it can actually be later on – but it needs to come soon enough.

Having a goal keeps your online presence afloat. Businesses without these commonly end their social media accounts after just a month or two. Seta mission or directive about the purpose of your business – and with your profile. Have something like hitting 100,000 followers in your first year. This keeps you motivated and driven to continue.

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