The Art of Selling Online Using Social Media

Every person out there who wants to earn money online has one thing in common, to make money. As redundant as it is, that’s the ultimate fact. That’s why there are new methods of earning money online time after time – ideas from people everywhere. But here’s the thing, in my opinion, nothing can beat the effectiveness of using social media. Why? It’s simply because social media allows a two-way flow – information from you and information from your customers (potential or not). And that’s what makes it feel like actually selling your product or service on a personal level.

The Art of Selling Online Using Social Media The Art of Selling Online Using Social Media

Selling Through Social Media

To start, marketing a product or service is the best means of selling. Though just displaying them in your store will still have potential, it’s going to take a long time just to make sales. That’s why marketing is crucial – to hasten the process of selling and growing. And that’s what makes social media so amazing because it has marketing powers beyond compare.

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How you sell or market what you have is the most important thing to get a good conversion rate, whether it’s service or product. And here’s how you make use of social media to get optimal results:

Showcase Your Product/Service as a Means of Need

Just because you display it and put a “for sale” sign on top of it doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. You need to convince your audience or potential customers that they need it. Why need? That’s simply because it has more gravity than want.

How you do that is elementary. You just have to focus on the value of your product or service and show the benefits. Instead of digging into too much detail about the product’s material or price, focus on how often it’s going to be used on a daily basis. Hit them with how it’s going to be of help. Make them see its impact for the average Joe and you’ll see a big difference.

So, post articles, images, and videos of your product or service that entails all of that. It can be a FAQ or a short demonstration video. Anything that can make them feel that what you’re selling is something they need in life is a perfect marketing strategy on social media.

Be Consistent About It

Second, you have to continuously market – non-stop. Marketing on social media is not a one-time purchase shebang. It’s an effort that takes time and dedication. That is why you have to do it every single day.

If progress is what you want, then allocate time to social media marketing. It is an investment with great returns. However, it only works when you put some time into it. So, hustle.

Be Humble

Throw that huge ego and pride away because it’s just going to bring you down. To sell, you have to try tactics even if you think isn’t effective; you still have to do it. You have to reply to comments and be open about criticism.

At times, you have to say sorry and show the human side in you – not just a brand with a main objective of making money. Moreover, you have to have the courage to ask for feedback and accept that you can never please everyone. Some people will always think that what you have is trash, but don’t heed them, get strength from those who appreciate your product.

Remember, your customer satisfaction is the best way to gauge how well your product or service is performing.

Additional Power Tips

These tips are now more technical, follow them and you’ll have a better conversion rate in no time.

Always Have Visuals

No matter what social media platform, visuals are always crucial to grab attention. People will pause for images rather than long captions or text posts. This is why you need some effort in making graphics for your posts. Ignore this and I assure you that you’ll get half of your true earning potential.

Always Have a Call-to-Action

The next thing you need is to ask them to do something – a call-to-action. No matter what your post is, even if it’s just a food for thought, you have to ask them something. The easiest call-to-action on social media is to ask your audience to comment. Comments on your social media posts will improve its potential to go viral, much more if you ask them to share. As long as your post has an ending command, you’ll see results.

Mix Your Content and Refrain from Too Much Promotion

Last but not least, for now, is by mixing your content or posts. Don’t just go straightforward and dull, provide some entertainment as well. You need to give your audience a reason to stay and follow your social media accounts. Don’t over promote or you’ll end up as consistent TV commercial. A quick rule of thumb is, if you yourself find this marketing strategy annoying, don’t do it.

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