How to Save Periscope Videos longer than 24 hours

One of the major concerns using Periscope and broadcasting our videos there is the lack of a “Save Periscope Video Feature.” However, there was once an awesome third-party platform that allowed us to do so. Unfortunately, it only lasted for a year and said its farewells on May 4th of 2016: With all the … Read more

Goodbye – You Will Be Remembered

Goodbyes are never easy; they come with disappointments, fears, stress, pain, and, sometimes, they leave you with more challenges. However, they can also make us stronger, wiser, and will prepare us for the future. On this post, I’ll be writing about one of the most relied on platforms,, which offers unique services to save … Read more

What is Scoperchat and what can I do with it?

Many of you asked me what is Scoperchat? Take it as a kind of live monitoring tool for your periscope broadcasts. You can see every live activity of your viewers. Sounds cool? It is. For the first time, I can see the profile photos of my viewers on a big screen while they are engaging … Read more

How to get a massive free promotion with a single hashtag #wekhan

First of all, I want to thank all of you as I have reached 400,000 followers on my social media channels in the last ten months.  I am SO grateful for all of your love and support. Every day, I can reach out to thousands of people, and I am very happy to attract open-minded and entrepreneurial people like you, who are looking for the best ways to do business and connect. You are an undoubtly a priceless target audience and today, I want to reinvent the way you can find & follow each other.

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3 Ways to Gain Followers by Ending your Stream

In my last periscope stream, I talked about 3 quick ways to gain followers by ending your stream. Many periscope users just say thank you or bye, and that´s it. Here are my 3 ways that you can add to your ending and gain followers: Pre-promote your next show and tell what you are going … Read more

How to translate every comment on Periscope?

Periscope is a global platform. Many nationalities come together which is great but has one significant downside. As a broadcaster, you don´t understand all of their comments. Well, fortunately, there is a great new plugin, that helps you out. You can simply install it, and it translate comments from any broadcast to your mother tongue. … Read more

5 Steps to End your Broadcast the Right Way!

Don’t just end a broadcast by saying, “Good bye”, like most of the broadcasters. Learn, in this blog post, how to end your stream professionally. Follow those 5 easy steps to gain followers and build tension for your next stream. 1. Recap: As many viewers don´t tune in from the beginning, they might miss some … Read more

5 Periscope Topics to Rock any Business

Many people, unfortunately, struggle to use Periscope for their own business. This is why I want to share with you 5 topics that will help you create some great broadcasts, no matter which field you are in. Share your story:Everyone is interested in why you are doing what you do. So, share who you are … Read more

How to Boost your Periscope Profile & Spread it to Gain Followers

Your Periscope Profile text is crucial to gain more followers, as members will see it and probably decide if they follow you or not. Especially, when you comment in other streams, and other viewers are tapping on your comment, they see your profile in the first place. (Visit my Promotion Streams on Sundays at 1pm … Read more