How to setup a Split Screen Interview on Periscope?

My world´s first reveal of how to do a split screen interview on Periscope with the help of Skype was probably the most important stream of last month and a game changer on Periscope. I am happy I could reach more than 4.500 Periscope live. I will guide you in this blog post,step-by-step, in how to … Read more

Double your Viewers by Eating the Dessert First

Unfortunately, many broadcasters on Periscope tend to save the best part of their stream until the end. Their reason is to keep their viewers as long as possible to gain more hearts, but they forget 3 important points:

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Top tips to find your perfect topic & target audience on periscope

In my last blog post, I explained my biggest mistake on Periscope.I was struggling with finding my right niche. When I told you about it, I realized many of you share this problem. A niche is between a small market or part of a bigger market. There’s a saying that if you try to please … Read more

TOP 5 Questions my followers ask me

Yesterday, in my scope, I asked which topic I should do today, and you showed me your interest on my personal Periscope story. So this blog post, today, will give you answers to your top 5 questions:

  1. When did I start with Periscope?
  2. Why did I start with Periscope?
  3. What was my first stream, and how did I enter the famous Most Loved List?
  4. What were my first broadcasts about?
  5. What was my biggest mistake, and what did I learn from it?

So let´s directly start with the first question:

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How to Make Money with Periscope?

Some do it for fun. Others do it for the fame, but most of us will have to make money at some point. Here are some ideas about how to make money on Periscope. You won´t get rich with it (yet!), as Periscope is still very small, but it won´t hurt to get some extra dollars in your pocket, will it?

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Broadcast too full & you can´t comment? Here are 3 ways to get your message out anyway.

Thanks to you, I grow more than 1k followers per day on Periscope. My only problem is that only 100 viewers can comment at the same time. Periscope added this limitation, since it won´t be possible for broadcasters to read all comments, otherwise. I agree this makes sense, but the downside is that I want to ask you questions, and you want to be heard.  Don´t worry, as I have 3 ways to enter any stream and leave your message:

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ZERO VIEWERS in your broadcast? Here are 4 tips to prevent that from happening.

So, you are new on Periscope and watched some streams of other broadcasters. You have prepared a topic, and now, your time has come to start your first stream. You tap full of anticipation on that red “Start Broadcast” button and then… bummer… you wait and wait, and no one is entering your stream.

I know a couple of broadcasts, where unfortunately, it happened exactly like this. Let me share with you 3 top tips to prevent that from happening:

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Periscope omg! Trolls in your stream? Here is what to do…

Do you know when you think periscope omg because of all these nasty trolls? I have just finished hosting a discussion about Sexism on Periscope. It made clear that trolling unfortunately is a rising problem and I want to share with you effective ways to deal with trolls. What are trolls? Trolls are viewers that visit your stream … Read more

The Perfect Intro Pitch on Periscope

The first 2 minutes of your stream are crucial for your Periscope success for two reasons

  1. A majority of your followers join in this time period, and if it is not interesting, or they don´t understand what you are talking about, they will instantly leave.
  2. Your replay viewers decide in the first seconds if they are going to watch your replay.

My perfect pitch builds on my AAA rule:

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