OOPS! 5 Biggest No-Gos on Periscope. PLEASE don´t do them.

Usually, I blog about the best tips and  tricks to get more followers and boost your success on periscope, but today, I want to focus on the 5 biggest mistakes broadcasters, unfortunately, do. If you avoid these, I am sure you will rock your show!

    1. No Intro Pitch: I described, in a previous blog post, the perfect intro pitch and the importance of the first 100 seconds of your broadcast. Unfortunately, there are still many broadcasters, who are waiting until the first live viewers come in. They totally forget about the replay viewers, who watch your stream from the first second. You can be sure they will not wait for your first live viewers and leave your stream, before you even got the chance to say hello.
    2. No Image and Title: Many people forget about setting up a title and thumbnail image. The title can be set up before you start a stream by simply entering it. Please make sure to add some emoticons and use a special font to maximize your exposure. You can find some examples of my titles here. The thumbnail is simply the first frame your camera catches when you start a stream. It should be something attractive and catchy. I love to record an image I have already used for my blog.
    3. Forget about Twitter: Many broadcasters don´t take advantage of Twitter, although they are using it, too. Twitter bought Periscope for more than $100 million, so you can be sure they do everything to integrate it.  I strongly recommend pre-promoting your show on Twitter, which I explained here. Furthermore, you need to activate the Twitter bird icon, before you start a stream. This will tweet a link to your live broadcast and replay, allowing people to watch it directly on the web, without using the Periscope app. As far as I am concerned, I would lose up to 35% of my viewers if I did not do it, so I hope you understand the importance. An extra tip is to ask your viewers to tweet your broadcast by sharing it on twitter also. This makes sure your viewer base is expanding and ensures your success on Periscope. A nice way to check if your viewers actually shared your broadcast is adding a hashtag on your title and looking it up on twitter afterwards.
    4. No Bio and Profile Photo: Everyone can set up a bio on Periscope and upload a profile photo. The bio is crucial, as it explains to people about what are you broadcasting. Next to it, your bio is searchable on Periscope, so if you add some keywords, you will be able get some free search traffic (btw, you don´t need to add a hashtag in your bio, as they won´t be converted to links). If you don´t upload a profile photo, periscope adds an egg photo, and I guess, I don´t need to explain that egg heads are not the most trustworthy persons to follow. So be professional and get your profile in place.
    5. No Engaging Content: I know I repeat myself, but actually, there are 3 C´s of success, and those are content, content, and one more time, content. It´s all about adding value and solving a problem for your viewers. So, make sure to talk about something your viewers care to know. Next to it, please try to use the biggest advantage of Periscope, and this is the comment feature. Your viewers love to engage with you, so read the comments, ask them questions, and let them be a part in your show.

Please share these tips on Twitter, Facebook, or any network you are using, as it will help others to increase their success, and this is why we are all here. Adding value and helping others. I wish you an awesome day!

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