Why Facebook and Instagram Is a Digital Marketer’s Favorite Pair

Facebook and Instagram were rivals. But that was before Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. Right now, a lot of Facebook features have been added on Instagram and vice versa. There’s the Creative Hub platform that helps ad creators manage their workflow better.

Both platforms have additional tools. So digital marketers give more focus on Facebook and Instagram. But what are the specific benefits that have made these two platforms into a marketer’s favorite pair?

Why Facebook and Instagram Is a Digital Marketers Favorite Pair Why Facebook and Instagram Is a Digital Marketer’s Favorite Pair

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Increase scope of customers

According to Statista, 30% of Facebook users belong to the age bracket 18-24 and 29% belong to the age bracket 25-34. So adults dominate the total Facebook user population.

Statista also states that 37% of Instagram users belong to the age bracket 16-24. So adolescents and young adults comprise a large number of the Instagram user population.

Facebook users are older while Instagram users are usually teenagers. When you market using Facebook and Instagram, you are reaching two age groups.

There are also other demographics such as income level and gender. One platform may be dominated by males while the other by females.

So now you don’t have to worry if your brand will reach your target audience. Just post your content on Facebook and Instagram.

Higher visibility

Smart Insights states 76% of Facebook’s overall population use it daily. Instagram comes in second with 51% daily users. With these two having a lot of active users, your brand will get a better chance of getting well-known.

Although Facebook is the most popular social media platform, Instagram remains at the top when it comes to engagement. The average chance of enticing any interaction per post on Instagram is around 70%.

How do these interactions raise users’ awareness on your brand? When individuals check your posts, the engagement encourages them to click on it. The interactions alone promote your brand.

More advantages against rivals

Many marketers tend to focus on Facebook only due to its popularity. They seem to forget that there are also other platforms with a lot of daily active users, too. Instagram not only has a significantly large user-base but also has a high engagement rate.

The key is to use both of the platforms and be creative at it. Optimize each profile and link them to one another not by means of URL alone but also by content.

Make your marketing easier with Facebook and Instagram!

You don’t need to trouble yourself. Facebook and Instagram can help you and your business – make use of them as much as you can. Not only are they convenient, but they also produce better results.

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