Four Practices That Will Sink Your Reputation on Twitter

When it comes to a social media platform that almost every type of business can depend on as a quick source of clients and necessary updates, Twitter is the best option. Though it may not have a huge number of users when you compare it to Facebook, it has a faster reach and engagement trigger due to its reputation as a reliable source for news. That’s all thanks to its powerful search engine – detailed and dependable.

Other than that, it’s very easy to spread information and get information. So, what is it for businesses? It’s exposure and more customers for your business because whenever you Tweet or reply to a certain Tweet, it will spread like a virus (as long as you do it correctly and has value). However, it can also cause you to deteriorate your reputation if ever you do any of these:

Four Practices That Will Sink Your Reputation on Twitter Four Practices That Will Sink Your Reputation on Twitter

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Deleting Comments on Twitter

First of all, not only are you showing that you’re incapable of criticism, but it also shows that your brand is incapable of fixing issues publically. Some people who Tweet about your brand are definitely serious. Even if a couple of them are simply there to intentionally bring you down, it should not result in deleting them right away.

If you’re in a situation where things are heating up, the best thing to do is engage and lower your pride. You should be there as a person, don’t be a company. Help them as much you can, if you do provide a resolution, the rewards are extremely high.

Tweeting Incorrect Information or News

Another thing that can really bring your brand’s reputation down is when you provide incorrect information. When people figure out that what you’re Tweeting isn’t true, you’re going to receive a lot of negative feedback. It will end up making you unreliable and a terrible source for information. Sooner or later if this continues, you’re going to lose their trust, so always verify before you Tweet.

Direct Message Spamming

This tactic will definitely make you lose a few followers – instantly. That’s because a DM is for significant messages only. Sending someone a sales copy or anything that will convince someone to buy something will make you look awful. Not only will your audience see your brand as a business that has nothing to offer but spam, you’re also going to get a lot of reports which will eventually cause you to lose your account.

Promotional Tweeting or Asking Questions Only

One of the worst things to do on Twitter is when you’re just there to promote or ask questions and wait for answers. No matter what social media platform you’re in, doing it one way is always a bad idea. You have to engage and be social. There is no point by just thinking and hoping that you’re the only one who’s going to benefit. That’s why you need to post something that’s of value to your audience, not just to you.

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