What You Need to Know About Generic Hashtags on Instagram

As you all know, hashtags on Instagram play an exceptionally huge part when it comes to simply tagging your photo or using it as part of your marketing strategy. However, did you know that although one hashtag is deemed popular and usable, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be an effective method to help you grow your followers? Why is that? Well, for starters, it’s not a question of why but a question of what. These hashtags are often called generic hashtags. And sometimes they work, most often they don’t, with regards to follower growth and conversion rate for businesses.

What You Need to Know About Generic Hashtags on Instagram What You Need to Know About Generic Hashtags on Instagram

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What Are Generic Hashtags on Instagram?

Basically, generic hashtags are the ones you reasonably see from common, non-business Instagram users. Some very typical examples are #love, #pretty, #likesforlikes, and #photooftheday. I know, and I think everyone knows, that these hashtags are extremely popular. And they’re truly easy to think of and search. However, they’re more like generalizations. And when it comes to business, it doesn’t work that way. Most businesses, or almost every business, have a niche – a speciality (specific type of product or service). And using those really wide hashtags is just like aiming at nothing as they do not show any sense of interest at something in particular.

Although they do bring in some likes and exposure, they’re not convincing people to follow you as most people who search for #pretty or #paradise are merely looking for something to entertain and satisfy their minds. They are not searching for something to buy or obtain. But when it comes to those searching for #cheaphotel and #hotelingermany, the ones that pop up will quite have a better chance at getting new followers that may lead to becoming paying customers.

So, Should We Ditch the Generic Hashtags on Instagram?

Absolutely, NO. I never said anything about ignoring these hashtags. My only intention is to widen your scope or view about why it shouldn’t be used as your primary hashtags. They’re better used on a post that is not focused solely on your business or as a secondary hashtag. My point is that if you’re aiming to truly grow your followers, you should not depend on generic hashtags. You may just end up being disappointed at getting likes and comments, but no follows. At best, always use hashtags that best describe your business. That’s because people who are really interested will use those hashtags to search for you.

Practice having the first five or ten hashtags as something that defines your business. Then, use the next five to ten to describe the image. Lastly, use the remaining for generic hashtags. Although these hashtags aren’t going to give you followers, they’re going to improve your post’s engagement rate and in turn increasing the exposure and ranking of your photo. And when you got ranked well enough, you’re always at the top when someone searches for those primary hashtags, which brings in new followers.

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