How to Find a Partner to Cross Promote on Social Media

Did you know there are a lot of small-time businesses that cross promote each other, without affecting or stealing their audiences and potential customers? This practice is fairly common on social media, though it is done in a very discreet way. It is beneficial for businesses trying to gain more followers and fans. Not only will it bring more engagement and improve your overall metrics, but you’ll learn that not everyone in the market is there to compete with you.

How to Find a Partner to Cross Promote on Social Media

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Knowing Everything About Your Niche

Before finding a brand or business that can work alongside you, you have to assess and define your niche. What are the products, services, items, elements, and everything that incorporates your niche? Know all these to make sure you can accurately know who’re competing against.


Who to Partner on Social Media?

What you want as a partner is a brand or business that will not take away your customers, but help them. Think of it as an extension of your arm, with a certain specialty to improve their experience – an add-on. You can look at it this way; if your niche is about cars, a great partner would be a car repainting business or a car accessories and parts business. As long as your partner isn’t exactly in the same niche, you can consider them a wise partner. Just take note that their niche is close to your niche and can synergize.

Again, with the car example, you can consider those who would buy cars will soon think about buying auto parts or customizing them. And, those who’re an avid customer of buying parts will soon want to invest in a new car. These are the businesses you want to have as a partner and cross promote.

Understand that,when you share fans, you’re not losing any, as both of you don’t sell the same product – no competition. The only thing the both of you are doing is getting the most of what you have. Even if you have 10,000 followers, perhaps, only a fraction are potential buyers, and another fraction might be interested in your partner – vice versa.

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