Social Media Content Marketing First Aid When Everything Fails

There’s no arguing that a social media marketer’s dream is to see his content reach out to the target audience. However, that’s not easy. And sometimes painful failures may happen, not to mention it can even be consecutive.

If you ever experience such a calamity, it’s normal to think about giving up your social media marketing campaign and move on. But before you do, try these first aid remedies. You’ll never know it might help you improving your startup’s social media campaigns.

Social Media Content Marketing First Aid When Everything Fails 1 1 Social Media Content Marketing First Aid When Everything Fails

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Repurpose Your Content

If you’ve been marketing on the wrong platform, all you’re going to get is wrong results. And sometimes, you’re not even aware that you’re actually on the wrong platform. Your content isn’t fixed, and it can never be. You always have the chance to remake it, adjust a few things, edit, do a little rework, or just post it as is but just on a different platform. If you’re only focusing on Facebook, and you’ve only seen so little progress, consider trying Twitter for a change and see what happens.

Keep It Easy to Share

Another thing that you should know when producing materials for your marketing effort is to make sure it’s easy to share. Although the idea and implementation are incredibly broad, there is an easy way to assess shareability, and that is if you would share it yourself. If the answer is no, then you need to revise it. A few pointers to make content shareable is to see if your followers can relate to it and if it can stir their emotions.

Do a Survey

Most marketers purely base their strategy on the data available. Sometimes, it could be out of date and no longer be reliable. So have a go at doing a survey. Not only does it also provide you some visibility to your followers and gain new information about them, but they’ll also freshen up their memory about your brand and check you out again. You can either post it on all your social media platforms or run an ad about it.

Post Content on Social Media When Your Followers Are Online

After a survey, you should also see what time they’ve clicked on it and participated. That time is essential as it shows what time they’re free and most active. If you haven’t done a survey, check out what time your competitors or other successful businesses time of posting new content. Base your publishing schedule from that and adjust. This method is better than just randomly selecting any time of the day.

Work With an Influencer

My last first aid remedy for you is to try working with an influencer. If the traditional ad on Facebook just isn’t working for your brand and everything seems low on activity, then perhaps a different entity might be your solution. Just make sure that the influencer you’re going to work is relevant to your niche or better if a professional at it.

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