Three Horrible Mistakes Made by Most Brands on Instagram

From consistently using Instagram, I can’t help notice a lot of bad practices. What’s worse is that these bad practices or mistakes are often committed by brands – big and small. And, to make things worse, I see the effects, too. Not only are their audience leaving bad comments on their posts, they also seem to get less and less active. Thus, their posts’ engagement gets less and less as well.Three Horrible Mistakes Made by Most Brands on Instagram Three Horrible Mistakes Made by Most Brands on Instagram

I’m quite sure that if you’re reading this right now, you don’t want this to happen. Who would want such a catastrophe? However, some are just innocent and think that what they’re doing is ok when it’s actually not. This is why I’m going to explain these mistakes through this article as clear as I can. So that I may help you and everyone else avoid making these mistakes.

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No Caption Posts on Instagram

Let’s start with the most serious mistake I’ve ever witnessed – blank, no caption posts. When it comes to social media strategy and marketing, there is nothing more dangerous than posting a picture without anything to say about it. It’s almost the same as watching a commercial on mute, it’s plainly incomplete.

No matter how great or how excellent your image, it’s not complete without a caption. The very reason captions exists is for you to be clear, provide information, or to voice out anything you have in mind. It is there for you to connect with your audience. Even if your image is very crude or straightforward, you still need to say something about it.

If you place absolutely nothing on the caption, your audience will instantly see you as:

  • Lazy
  • Only in it for the money
  • Not a real account
  • Not worth staying

Always remember that every post on Instagram is an opportunity to connect and convert. Don’t think of it as a single page in a book, think of it as a book that tells a complete story in a library.

Low-quality Images

I do see a lot of photos, even today, that are very poor in quality – blurry. On Instagram or any photo sharing app, you need to impress people with visuals. Connecting with your audience with poor images will be, like, an insult. It simply shows that not only are you interested in them; you’re also not interested in what you’re actually doing. Always make sure that your images are in good shape and attractive. Instagram, after all, is a place where people adore and follow other people who provide images that can make them smile, not make their eyes hurt.

No Bio Profiles

Last but not least are brands without adequate or absolutely no information about them on their bio. They just provide a business name like for example: “The Brand Improver.” After that, there’s nothing else to know about except a few posts. This is one of the biggest wastes on Instagram. Not having a bio can result in a huge loss of potential followers. Whenever they visit your profile, your bio is the first thing they’ll see and read. If you leave it blank, you shouldn’t expect any improvement. This is why you need to fill every detail you can and provide them essential information.

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