15 Twitter Tips and Tricks You Should Practice in 2018

Regardless of what year it is, Twitter will still always be a goldmine when it comes to reaching people who mean business. And if you’re into that, by all means, you should be making the most out of Twitter. Here are 15 tips and tricks that worked last year with new ones that are essential this year.

Twitter Tips and Tricks You Should Practice on 2018 revised 2 15 Twitter Tips and Tricks You Should Practice in 2018

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Keep Your Tweets Short But Sweet

Although the platform has pumped up a Tweet’s character limit by 280, the 140-character Tweets still perform better. That’s because people on Twitter love concise information.

Pin Your Best or Current Most Important Tweet

Here’s the thing, Twitter is like a box of updates. The most recent ones are what people will see when they visit a profile. Pinning a Tweet overrides this structure as it will automatically put it on the top – first Tweet equals most exposure.

Links in Your Bio

Another thing people do when they visit a profile is checking the bio. If you’re not displaying a link in your bio, you’re losing a lot of possible conversions.

Use Images

Tweets with images are 94% likelier to get engagements than those without. So whenever possible, add visuals.

Use Hashtags

Same as Instagram, Hashtags provide quite a boost on your Tweet’s reach. However, overdoing it may cause the opposite so only use the ones that are relevant to your niche.

Don’t Favorite Everything

Your audience or followers will see your “favorites.” If you’re just adding randomly, people might perceive you negatively.

Focus on News or Updates

About 80% of all the Tweets are about something newsworthy. People on this platform wants information and updates, feed them that.

Use Lists

If you want to limit who you’re following but still want to see updates from profiles you don’t want to follow, add them to one of your lists.

Recycle Your Tweets Occasionally

Let’s face it, there’s not one Tweet that will reach your entire follower count. Statistics state only 2% of your followers sees your Tweet. So Tweeting a certain again is completely safe – just don’t spam.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

If you’re looking for leads, one of the best ways to find them is through Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Edit Your Images for Better Results

Sometimes, images on Tweets get cuts off due to the wrong aspect ratio. To avoid that, always use 1024 x 512.

Prepare Your Tweets in Advance and Schedule

If you’re using this platform mainly for your business, use Hootsuite. It’s a tool that allows you to schedule your Tweets so you don’t have to go into panic mode from time to time.

Find Tweets with Links

Are you looking for particular links? Add ‘filter:links’ into your Twitter search.

Review Before You Tweet

Like in all other social media platform, typos or misinformation are incredibly common. Some people take these mistakes seriously, especially when it comes from a brand they trust. Don’t let your followers down by Tweeting without even checking.

Confused What to Tweet? Just Help

If you’re new to Twitter and have no clue what kinds of Tweets work best, it’s always safe to provide help and guides. These types of content are always appreciated and shared – so just help people out.

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