Five Negative Practices Most Brands Do You Should Avoid

You don’t need to observe brands thoroughly to spot what they’re doing wrong. You just have to see their content and see those with negative comments or ones that demand something. But to save you the research and the stress, I’m going to show you five of the uncommon negative practices most brands do on their social media accounts and strategy.

Not Reacting to Public Events

First practice that I recommend you never to do is to become deaf to what’s happening. As a brand, you should always show empathy not only to your audience but also to culture and everything else. If there’s a fire in your locality, don’t be the type to shout a discount and boost your advertising efforts. Be the one to share your thoughts about the accident or event, show your audience that you care, and if you have the budget, provide anything that could help.

Five Negative Practices Most Brands Do on Social Media You Should Avoid Five Negative Practices Most Brands Do You Should Avoid

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Completely Ignoring Automation

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things personal, by which I mean being hands on and doing things in real time. However, doing that alone is not going to help you reach better heights. To improve your game, you need to utilize automation tools like Hootsuite. First of all, you’re not going to be consistent if you have to focus on your business and also on your social media content. One of the two will most likely get more time than the other. And we know which is of the two is vital, so focus on managing and everything needed for your business to stay afloat and opt for automation.

Thinking You’re Always Funny

Stop! Even if you get most of your audience to laugh, don’t expect that to always be the case. Unless your brand is all about jokes and everything funny, then go do it. But if it’s not, keep things in moderation. I know making your audience smile and have a good time can bring in positivity, but if you mess up your joke or “funny” caption, you’re going to get some unwanted reactions.

Making Use of Everything Trending

I get it, the #LoganPaul is quite popular due to the incident but using it just because it’s trending is not a good idea. As a rule of thumb, although it’s ideal for you to use trending hashtags and other things that can boost your marketing efforts, only use those that are relevant to your niche. Limit it to those that will fit with your brand, don’t just make use of everything and then ask why it’s not working.

Ignoring Critics

Last but not least is being too arrogant to hear what critics have to say about you or your brand. Let’s face it, most critics provide negative opinions. However, it’s up to you how you’ll react to them. You can either ignore it or give it a thorough, thorough review and learn from it. Think of them as a medium for you to see what your brand is lacking.

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