3 Amazing Instagram Tips for Your Profile

When it comes to Instagram or any social media platform for this matter, your brand needs an outstanding profile – one that really catches people’s attention. To do that, you will need to tweak a few things here and there. It takes some time (could be a lot or it could be just a few minutes) but it is worth your while. To enhance your profile, check out these three amazing tips.


1. Have a Rockstar Bio

Anyone checking out someone else’s profile will only take a second or two to create an opinion about it. This makes it a challenge for any brand to create a great first impression on their profile – especially one that lasts. That is why your bio will be the first thing you should work on; it comes first, and that’s where the info is placed.

It requires a lot of time and attention to create a bio that’s firm, creative, alluring, and most of all, clear – meaning, anyone can easily understand what your brand is all about (tell something about you and your brand/product/service). Write, re-write, review, proofread, and edit until you’re sure you got it perfect.

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2. A Call To Action Link Is a Must

Now you’ve set your bio, think wisely about the link you’ll place in your bio. You only have one chance,don’t mess this up. It is the only clickable link that can deliver your audience outside of Instagram – making it priceless for everyone.

You can place a homepage to drive more traffic, another different social media account, a direct campaign-specific landing page, or you can send them to any content that will benefit you. The good thing about this is you can change it whenever you want, so whenever you upload a new photo, try to match a great link for it.

3. Choose an Instagram Profile Image That’s Identifiable over Beautiful

The last tip is one of the best tips. The most common mistake people do on their brand profile is that they commonly use product and service images instead of a clean, accurate logo. Don’t opt for a picture that’s too vague, but go for specifics. Instead of a whole body picture, use a face picture. It is faster to recognize, easier to remember, and simply a better trademark.

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