Gain New Followers Using Snapchat Suggest

After quite a long (really long) wait, there is now a better and easier way to gain more followers on Snapchat – Snapchat Suggest! For as long as we recall, Snapchat had no sort of feature that tells us who to follow. This made it very challenging for users to gain more followers and support … Read more

3 Tips to Improve Your Business on Snapchat

Snapchat, one of today’s leading social media giants, should be a must for any entrepreneur to invest in. It is hard for anyone to ignore how influential this platform is. Thus, I’ve made three easy-to-do tips to improve your business using Snapchat.   1. Keep Things Unique and Original Unlike most social media channels, Snapchat … Read more

Snapchat’s Face Swap New Update – Go Solo

One of the leading internet ‘craze‘ that’s really popular no matter where you go is Snapchat’s Face Swap – like, who doesn’t love swapping faces? It’s fun, perky, impossible in real life, and it gives you the chance to bond with family and friends. Undeniably, Snapchat’s originality has gone a long way of continuing successes… just one after … Read more

Snaphappen – The Long Awaited Snapchat Event

We all know there is always a first for everything and one thing a lot of Snappers have been waiting for is to have a spectacular event for Snapchat. Four years of waiting are quite a long time, but that’s over as the so-called Snaphappen will happen in London, England, at the Magi Roundabout, Islington on … Read more

What You Need to Know – Snapchat Emojis

We all use emojis to express our emotions when chatting, commenting, or posting something on the internet. However, Snapchat never fails to spice up things a little bit more. Have you ever wondered what the Snapchat emoji display on your friends’ name means? I’m sure most people will think of it as just random, but … Read more

Snapchat VS Instagram – Which to Pick?

Snapchat and Instagram can be a great fit in any marketing strategy for small to medium-sized businesses. However, which one does better is a difficult question. Why? Because they are evenly matched against each other, giving marketers a hard time choosing one for their brand, unless they’d choose both. But, what if you can only … Read more

How to add pre-recorded videos and photos to your Snapchat Story

PLEASE NOTE:  Adding pre-recorded videos and photos requires jailbreaking your iphone which might lead to loosing your device´s warranty and your data. Please use it at your own risk. In many of my previous posts, I have been talking about the excellent features of Snapchat that makes us love it so much. However, we have … Read more

The Best Ways to Acquire More Snapchat Followers 

I assume all of you guys know Snapchat. And, I also assume that you are now wondering… “How do I get more Snapchat followers?” This is a fairly common question from anyone who’s trying to expand and grow their audience – desperately. Without question, Snapchat is unique in terms of its concept – nothing quite … Read more

Everything you need to know about Snapchat Chat 2.0

Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has been growing tremendously, with over 100 million active users daily. What started out as a regular photo sharing app has now taken the world by storm! With more users adding to its growing population every day, Snapchat has introduced Chat 2.0 with new features allowing users to have … Read more

How to Record on Snapchat Without Holding The Button in 2020?

Now I am going to show you how to make a video on Snapchat without holding the button. You will see it is much more convenient to shoot a video handsfree. Here is a little video that explains it or read the step-by-step manual below if you need more information. How to take a video … Read more