3 Automation Tools Every Instagram Marketer Should Know About

With over one billion active users, Instagram is the second go-to social media platforms for online interaction. And because of that, it’s one of best grounds for businesses to promote their products and services. With other businesses making the most out of this app, keeping your pace is more than a challenge. Fortunately, I have a three automation tools that’ll still ease things up.

Five Automation Tools Every Instagram Marketer Should Use 3 Automation Tools Every Instagram Marketer Should Know About

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The first tool on our list is more of a booster or starter for you Instagram campaign. The tool essentially provides crude data to connect your brand to the right audience. This part is vital to get genuine followers that will result in a high conversion rate over time. Kickstagram will do the researching for you – from the product or service to the target users.


The next automation tool is a desktop-based service that’s focused to help improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Combin relies on utilizing relevant hashtags and location search to get the best potential customers possible. It also has a few other functions, but one that’s worth mentioning is that it can monitor your competitor’s activity and performance.


Last but not least is a tool that’s well known for specific targeting. Whether your brand is all about photography in general or only about cameras, it can do the job. Thus, it will deliver very accurate users for you to market on. Moreover, it also doesn’t require any download. You just have to register and you get the entire package with ease.

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