OMG! Instagram audio and video call? Here is what you need to know…

New features on social media aren’t exactly something “new” in the online world. Technology grows every day, and it doesn’t plan on stopping or even pausing for just one bit. That said, hearing updates and other upcoming integrations on any app or platform might no longer be that surprising – right? Well, the Instagram audio and video call feature, which is still a hidden feature, is still surprising as it is a feature that can probably kick Snapchat one more time out of business.

How real is the Instagram audio and video call feature?

Although Instagram did not officially announce anything about making or receiving calls from one user to another using the app, there were some leaks. These leaks were discovered by TechCrunch. They’ve dug up some files in the app and its Android Application Packages (APKs) and found icons for “Call” and “Video Call.” Almost all of the time, these are solid indications of a locked or unreleased feature in the program. The only thing you need is for the company to launch it, and the instagram audio and video call feature will then become usable.

Instagram audio and video call

Why Instagram wanted this?

Probably the best answer to that question is because they want you to have a more versatile use of the app and everything goes in the direction of messaging apps where we can communicate. And the second answer is because they want to convert Snapchatters to become, of course, Instagrammers. Having this new feature on their platform would now almost completely make them equals in what they have to offer. The only difference now is which of the two can provide a more refined, enjoyable, and convenient experience when using their app.

My two cents

To be honest, the instagram audio and video call feature might be a little off. The app’s main purpose was to connect with one another through sharing beautiful pictures. But as mentioned in my first paragraph, technology is always evolving, and part of that is this photo-sharing app getting more bells and whistles.

Although some people might dislike it, especially those that loved Instagram for its simplicity and straightforward purpose, some might also love it even further. There are other apps owned by the same company that already provides a very comfortable call feature such as Messenger, but would you love to go outside of the Instagram app just to make a call?

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