Instagram’s Bread and Butter Practices for Follower Growth This 2018

Whether you own a business or not, having followers on Instagram offer a lot of advantages. For businesses, it means having more reach and getting your brand’s name and identity to millions of people. And for individuals, tons of followers mean an opportunity to become an influencer or merely get contacted by companies to advertise their product. This year, I’ll provide you the most updated strategies that’ll help you earn more followers faster.

Instagram's Bread and Butter Practices for Follower Growth This 2018

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Quality Over Quantity

A thousand pictures on Instagram doesn’t mean a thousand followers. You can have less than a hundred images posted on your profile and get tens of thousands of followers. The secret is simple, valuable content. Share photos that inspire, entertain, and help people who love your niche. Don’t try to please everyone, just those who are interested.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the gateways to visibility. Using them offers your post to become searchable and accessible to users who aren’t aware of your existence. Incorporate hashtags in every picture as a first comment. And only select hashtags that are relevant to your content or niche. If you’re having a hard time what hashtags suit best, check your best performing competitors and see what they use.

Always Add a Call-to-Action

Just because it’s a photo sharing platform doesn’t mean you can ignore captions. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s not specific. People interpret what they want to interpret about a photo unless you tell them what you truly want to express and what you want them to do. That’s why captions exist, add more value by putting in text and always remember to add a call-to-action. A simple “please comment what you think” or “share and like” can go a long way.

Post Regularly

First of all, there’s a huge difference between spamming and posting consistently. Depending on how active and the type of audience you have, your posting frequency should coincide. Posting too much makes you annoying to your followers and too less will make them lose interest. Go for thrice a week as a start, if you think they’re digging it, slowly increase the frequency.

Be Active

If you’re only going to focus on marketing your account, you’re not going to get the most out of Instagram. Although the target of this article is to grow your followers, that’s not everything. You also need to engage with your followers and their content to retain them and also expose yourself. Not only does it allow you to engage with other users and build connections, but it also makes you look and feel authentic.

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