How to get views on Instagram Stories in three steps

Instagram Stories is one of Instagram’s most powerful features. Unlike sharing a photo you’d regularly do on the platform, this one shares an episode of content. You can add photos and videos to creatively tell a story to your audience without being stuck on your profile permanently. However, most users have a hard time making the most out of it. Here’s how to get views on Instagram stories in three simple steps.

How to Get Views on Instagram Stories in Three Steps

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Three Steps on How to Get Views on Instagram Stories:

Step 1: Record an Image or Video and Add It to Your Story

Step 1 in how togGet views on Instagram Stories

The first step is straightforward and easy on how you can get more views on Instagram Stories. But to make sure you’re going to catch everyone’s attention, it should be unique and shows an experience. Think about writing a story; a good one always has a beginning, a middle part, and an end.

An example that always performs well on Instagram Stories is makeup tutorials. The user starts with showing how to do the makeup in an easy-to-follow manner, then shows how their regular day goes (most would go to a mall or eat in a restaurant), and then shows how to remove the makeup and take care of their face.

Be creative and always try to give your audience what you’re experiencing, not just static selfies. The key here is to bring your viewers along your day.

Step 2: Add a Location

Step 2 How to Get Views on Instagram Stories

Adding a location to your story not only adds more credibility to what you’re showing but also helps your viewers visit it as well. This feature or additional action is incredibly beneficial if you own a business. People seeing where your business is located can bring in new customers. Plus, it also encourages other users to do the same practice to help everyone out on Instagram.

Step 3: Add Up to 10 Hashtags

How to Get Views on Instagram Stories

Of course, hashtags are like the portal of visibility on Instagram. Without it, it would be impossible to search for a particular category or topic. Adding relevant hashtags to your story will make it more public and accessible to viewers. I recommend adding up to 10 hashtags related to what your story is about, don’t overdo it as it might become spammy – quality over quantity. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @1alexkhan for more tips!

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