The Real Reason Why Your Followers Stay With You

One of the biggest assets you truly have on social media isn’t actually your content, or your conversion rate, or even your profile presentation, but your followers. Yes, your followers are your most prized possessions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, or any other platform. That’s why it is more than crucial that you make them stay with you for the rest of the journey. But here’s where you ask the big question: how to do that?

The Real Reason Why Your Followers Stay With You The Real Reason Why Your Followers Stay With You

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Obtaining Followers

Ok, before you focus on keeping them, you need to obtain them. You need to convince people to follow you. And the only way to do that is to provide them with content. Yes, it may seem easy since content (articles, blogs, videos, images, infographics, etc.) can be found all over the internet, but it’s more than that. I’m not talking about any kind of content; I’m talking about original, informative, and quality content that you – and only you – can provide.

No matter what particular niche you’re into, you always take a peek at your contenders. Always think about what makes you different from them. People will follow you due to your uniqueness. Of course, there are thousands of blogs and social media accounts that provide the same expertise, but what makes followers choose a persona/brand is their ability to be more convincing, entertaining, and inspiring than the other.

In a nutshell, you have to give them value through your content. Do that and people will always give you their time to see what you have to offer. However, it doesn’t mean they’ll permanently stay.

Making Them Stay

Once you’ve caught their attention and made them follow you, your next mission is to make them stay – forever if you can. How to make them follow you permanently isn’t about the content anymore. It’s about how you deal with your followers and how you make them feel about you personally.

If you answer back to all their questions, you’re making a connection, and you’re showing them that they’re welcome. Most brands on social media always tend to ignore this simple means to get really connected with their fans. People stay because they feel like an important part of your journey. That’s why you need to build a strong rapport with them and promote a great community. Encourage them to engage, suggest, ask questions, and help you out.

Overall, if you simply make them feel special and important, you will make them stay. Just think about them as family and everything will work out naturally.

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