Social Media Advantages for Businesses in 2019

Next year will be packed of new trends and technological feats for everyone. And with that being said, there are more reasons to use social media for your business than ever before. On this article, I’ll be listing seven solid social media advantages for you to consider. It doesn’t matter if you just started your … Read more

Instagram Purge News – Losing Followers Overnight: Glitch 2019?

The Instagram purge is real! It’s been a long time since Instagram checked their userbase and cleaned up the garbage (fake accounts and bots). Perhaps, however, they took it too rashly. At the moment, there have been numerous reports of accounts from influencers and giant brands to celebrities and regular individuals losing hundreds, thousands, and … Read more

How to create a social media marketing strategy for 2018

It’s easy to know your goals, but it’s hard to achieve them. That line applies to almost everything, especially for businesses. And believe me when I say that you’re not going to get far on social media without any plan or approach on your marketing campaign. Lucky for you, I’m here to guide you in … Read more

Are You Safe from Hackers? Here Are 4 Crucial Steps in Securing Your Account

Managing social media accounts for your business require a lot of time and effort. You’ll be making campaigns, planning strategies, engaging with followers, creating graphics and content, and you’ll have to do a lot of research. With all that, you forget one significantly vital part, securing your account from hackers and other malicious cyber attacks. … Read more

What is Vero? Is it the new Instagram?

Once in a while, we have a fresh challenger in the world of social media. We’ve had many before like Ello, Google+, and others that didn’t gain much or any popularity. This time, however, there’s one that’s currently the talk of the internet, Vero. But what is Vero? And why is it all over the … Read more

Why Live Streaming Equals Quality Content and Why It’s a Must

Now and then, marketing strategies evolve. Every few years, new ways to reach customers emerge, leaving some old practices ineffective. This constant change makes entrepreneurs in a frustrating situation of brainstorming methods to connect with their audience. However, there’s one type of content marketing that’s currently unbeatable and still growing, live streaming videos. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Why … Read more

Social Media Content Marketing First Aid When Everything Fails

There’s no arguing that a social media marketer’s dream is to see his content reach out to the target audience. However, that’s not easy. And sometimes painful failures may happen, not to mention it can even be consecutive. If you ever experience such a calamity, it’s normal to think about giving up your social media … Read more

Five Negative Practices Most Brands Do You Should Avoid

You don’t need to observe brands thoroughly to spot what they’re doing wrong. You just have to see their content and see those with negative comments or ones that demand something. But to save you the research and the stress, I’m going to show you five of the uncommon negative practices most brands do on … Read more

Three Foundations in Creating Viral Content

Why viral content? Well, that’s obvious. The audience, the recognition, and the hype are just a few of what it can offer. In simpler terms, it’s going to work wonders for your brand. But here’s the real question, how do you make such content? How can you make your blog post, video, or image viral? … Read more

Making Money on Social Media Without a Thousand Followers

Social media can reach millions of people in just a few seconds after you share content. Such ability has made social media an important marketing channel in the business world. With its large influence, leading and emerging brands are willing to pay a relevant amount to digital influencers. You can make a healthy living out … Read more