Forget About Selfies! Here Are Other Instagram Content Ideas

A lot of users think Instagram is just a platform for selfies, pictures of you, your food, family, and friends. However, there’s more to that. But here’s the problem, creating new Instagram content ideas is difficult – incredibly difficult for people using Instagram for their business. Good thing I have three solid ideas aside from the norm to stand out and impress your followers.

Forget About Selfies! Here Are Other Instagram Content Ideas

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Smart Instagram Content Ideas for You to Try

1. Post Pictures of Your Customers

For businesses, I strongly suggest often posting photos of your customers – of course, preferably, customers who are happy with your product or service. Not only will you be able to catch other potential customer’s attention, but you’ll also have a credible story to share with your audience.

The next time you get a sale or you’ve done good service, take a picture of it. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be convincing enough that it took place and has a story. If your customers aren’t physically with you (online purchase), why not ask them for a selfie of your product?

2. Post Inspiring Quotes Once in a While

Another thing that makes Instagram users pause their scrolling is quotes. Any good quote coming from anyone, popular or not, is worth reading. And when people pause on Instagram, it means you’ve captured their attention and will likely leave a like, or better yet, follow you. Just make sure that you’re not posting quotes every day as you’re swaying away from your niche by doing that.

A few quotes you can post that effectively convert are inspirational ones, tips or tricks you think are valuable to your customers, and facts and helpful information. Mix these quotes and you’ll see a lot of engagement not only on the quotes but your other posts as well.

3. Use Instagram Stories

Ephemeral content today attracts more than those that last forever, thanks to Snapchat. Instagram now has this type of content available to every user, and that is Instagram Stories. Aside from being easy to use and being able to upload videos and pictures in one Story, it’s more forgiving. What I mean by that is you don’t have to make sure you have to upload something perfect.

You can have a couple of small mistakes and possibly experiment new content. That’s because, again, it only lasts for a day. Try using Instagram Stories more often and try posting new types of content analyze the results, you’ll never know you’ll get new content ideas that yield follower growth.

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