3 Automation Tools Every Instagram Marketer Should Know About

With over one billion active users, Instagram is the second go-to social media platforms for online interaction. And because of that, it’s one of best grounds for businesses to promote their products and services. With other businesses making the most out of this app, keeping your pace is more than a challenge. Fortunately, I have … Read more

New Feature on Instagram Allows You to Save the Expired Stories You Like

Instagram Stories is one of the popular and successful features the app introduced in 2016. About a year after its release, Instagram upgrades the feature by adding a tool to it – archiving Stories. The system will automatically save this ephemeral content after it has expired to a part of your profile. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]You can … Read more

A Few Ways to Make Money on Instagram – 2017

Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can earn hundreds of dollars by simply sharing good content. As long as you have a high influence on your follower base, you’re good to go. However, monetizing your account isn’t as easy as posting photos or growing your followers. Although those are the initial … Read more

Instagram Stories Can Now Surprisingly Be Published from Its Website

Instagram, like other major social media platforms, finds ways to upgrade itself to improve user experience. You can clearly see this with the number of new features added on Instagram within this year alone. There’s the superzoom, stop-motion camera, multi-photo posts, and many other tools. This time, Instagram is making one feature in the mobile … Read more

Hashtags May Soon Become Something to Follow on Instagram

Hashtags are essential for every Instagram user, without it, only a handful of people will see your content. It also allows you to see the content of a particular topic without inappropriate posts. If you’ve recently logged into Instagram, you might have noticed a new tool added to this feature. Pippa Akram, a social media … Read more

How to Get a Copy of Any Video from Instagram

Uploading a video on Instagram is easy. There’s a button within the app for such activity. But what about downloading videos? What if you want to share them with your friends or you want to view them offline? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because downloading videos from Instagram isn’t as tricky as how … Read more

Three Traits for a More Successful Business on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform for businesses. But just because it’s great for business doesn’t mean it’s going to bring in success right away. Are you one of those people who incorporate Instagram into your brand but hasn’t been successful yet? Have you followed all the steps but still failed? You don’t have … Read more

Everything You Need to Know When Adding Guests to Instagram Live Stream Videos

Instagram launched the live video streaming feature last year. After its release, Instagram’s team of developers has already started to look for ways to make the tool better. And a year from its launching, it now has an upgraded version. And that version now allows you to add guests to your live stream. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Two … Read more

The New Best Thing – Instagram Superzoom

Instagram has always been an amazing photo-sharing app. You can advertise your product, increase your exposure, and even share your own work. This app helps you whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, or somebody who loves taking pictures. But things became even more amazing with the Instagram Superzoom tool. And you’re the receiver of all … Read more

7 Big Reasons Why You’re No Longer Gaining Followers on Instagram

Many people who love photography also love Instagram. It’s amazing how you can see others’ photos from the comfort of your bed. You can also share your own with one tap. But there’s always a downside to everything. In this case, it is not increasing your followers. Gaining new followers is every Instagram user’s worry. … Read more