What is Vero? Is it the new Instagram?

Once in a while, we have a fresh challenger in the world of social media. We’ve had many before like Ello, Google+, and others that didn’t gain much or any popularity. This time, however, there’s one that’s currently the talk of the internet, Vero. But what is Vero? And why is it all over the … Read more

Forget About Selfies! Here Are Other Instagram Content Ideas

A lot of users think Instagram is just a platform for selfies, pictures of you, your food, family, and friends. However, there’s more to that. But here’s the problem, creating new Instagram content ideas is difficult – incredibly difficult for people using Instagram for their business. Good thing I have three solid ideas aside from … Read more

How to get views on Instagram Stories in three steps

Instagram Stories is one of Instagram’s most powerful features. Unlike sharing a photo you’d regularly do on the platform, this one shares an episode of content. You can add photos and videos to creatively tell a story to your audience without being stuck on your profile permanently. However, most users have a hard time making … Read more

Why Live Streaming Equals Quality Content and Why It’s a Must

Now and then, marketing strategies evolve. Every few years, new ways to reach customers emerge, leaving some old practices ineffective. This constant change makes entrepreneurs in a frustrating situation of brainstorming methods to connect with their audience. However, there’s one type of content marketing that’s currently unbeatable and still growing, live streaming videos. [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Why … Read more